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Friday, January 21, 2011

Nothing Going On Here

Well, except it’s snowing again. Does that count? I would take some pictures of our current storm, but after awhile they all look alike. Have you noticed that yet? Harry and I just keep saying, three more winters…only three more winters… (This one doesn’t count now since hopefully we’re more than halfway through it.)

But other than that, it’s been an uneventful amount of time since my last post. I had work yesterday and then dinner and a quiet evening, yadda yadda, same ol’ stuff. Today should be the same.

The weekend promises to be more eventful. Hopefully tomorrow we should hear back from the realtor. From what she said, this person had decided and was sure she was going to make an offer, but it’s not going to seem real to me until we are actually under a contract. Even if we get to that point, we won’t be closing until May, because she has a lease that ends in June. We agreed to wait until May if she makes a commitment to buying our condo – we figured a sure thing in May is better than waiting for another person to come along. So if all goes well, we have four more months of condo expenses before we get rid of it.

Then Sunday is going to be a fun day. Harry and I gave our 6 year old niece a shopping trip for Christmas. So Sunday morning she is being dropped off at our house, and then we are heading out to try on lots of clothes and then go out for lunch. Smile Thank goodness the weather looks good for the weekend!!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope it’s a good one! Smile

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