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Monday, January 17, 2011

Planning on a Lazy Day

Today is going to be a sit-around, watch tv, read a book, catch up on blogs, do nuthin’ kind of day. Smile Of course, Harry and I are up, because our bodies are just programmed to wake up early, whether we have to go to work or not (and on the rare occasion that our bodies do forget, our cats remind us). It is also a whopping –6 F degrees outside, so guess we won’t be going for a swim, like some people who are hanging out down in sunny California! Be right back Nope, we are enjoying an inside kind of day today, although we may motivate enough this afternoon to go check out the sales in Albany.

Our realtor will be taking the potential buyer through our condo this morning at 10 am, so keep your fingers crossed! Fingers crossed


  1. You two deserve a 'do nothin' day after all the work you did at the condo. Hopefully today goes well with the potential buyer walk-thru. The condo looks great - move-in ready for sure.

  2. enjoy your 'do nothing day'..after all your hard work you both deserve to sit back and relax!..sorry to hear that is -6..it is balmy here..10 degrees celcius..it is actually warm!!..
    have a good day and good luck with the potential buyer!! :)

  3. After all your hard work you deserve it!!!
    Have fun and take it easy...

  4. Even if this buyer doesn't go for it, your renovations will make it go! And sooner than the others that are just like the folks left them. Keep the faith!