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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Living in a Winter Wonderland

It may be picturesque, but I don’t wanna live in one anymore! I want to be somewhere warm and sunny! Annoyed 

Ok, complaining time is over (for the moment anyway). Be right back

This morning we got up bright and early….well, it wasn’t bright yet, but it definitely was early. All of yesterday’s storm still needed to be cleared from the driveway. Now, we are even more grateful that we invested in the “monster” for our last four winters. Our previous snow blower was only 8 hp, and slushy snow and ice was too much for it. In fact, I think it was when we were shoveling several inches of heavy slushy snow last year that the thought of buying a new snow blower first came to mind. The monster is 16 hp, so we were hoping that it would be up to the job.

This is maybe 3 inches of packed down snow, with about an inch of ice on top.


Those serrated edge augers are doing their job. Chop that ice right up!! Open-mouthed smile



Another triumph for the monster! It performed admirably!!




  1. It is beautiful but I know what you mean about being in a warm & sunny area... We spent the winter (first time ever in our marriage) in Arkansas where our daughter lives... It snowed on us a lot there. At first it was fun and then it wasn't. We are back in our home area in Florida this year and we are glad!
    Love the pictures
    Have fun & Stay safe

  2. glad you are happy with the 'new snowblower'..it is just too bad it is being put to such good use!.have a good ones..these winter days will be but a distant memory in a couple of years!!

  3. Being from Iowa originally, I see in your pictures, the major thing I always hated about winter mornings before work.

    You got up early to clear the driveway, and it was always dark,dark,dark!! Yanked your arm off to get the machine started, and we only had the 8 hp model. The snow would fly, but it seemed half of it went down your coveralls, inside your sweatshirt.

    Then after about a gallon of coffee to warm back up, and a shower to get rid of the exhaust smell from the blower, it was time to begin your normal work day. That is if they had the streets cleared, so you could even get to work!

    Ya, I think staying here in Arizona will be just the ticket for many winters to come. LOL!!

    Hope you can get off to somewhere warm yet this winter for a few days. That always has a way of shortening the arrival of spring!


  4. Yup Rod, that sounds about right! I think Harry would definitely agree with you too! Our next trip south is in 78 days when we will be in Tennessee for an RV rally - but we're not counting! ;)

  5. Oh how I remember mornings like that when we lived in Wisconsin.

    Here the occasional snow flurry once every couple of years is a big event!