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Thursday, January 6, 2011

A More Optimistic Morning

After meeting with JoAnn yesterday, both Harry and I felt a little overwhelmed. Although we had expected to find out we would have to list the condo for less than we wanted, the final number still came in lower than we thought it would. We were really hoping for the 120s. Also, when Harry had walked through on Monday, he noticed some of the big things that needed to be done, but yesterday’s more thorough inspection revealed a number of items that need to be cleaned, touched up or replaced outright. To add to it, JoAnn has a prospective buyer who will be touring all of the condos for sale on the 17th of January. So obviously we want it to be as finished as possible by then – and there is not much time between now and then! The whole picture was a little overwhelming!

But today we are feeling better about things. Thanks to all who commented with encouraging words! This morning one of the first things I did was get a scrap piece of paper and make a list. (Yes, I am a list kind of girl – I love crossing things off and feeling like I have accomplished something.) I also feel like having a list gives direction and helps with motivation.

So here’s our “to-do” list for the condo:

  • replace kitchen floor
  • replace entranceway floor
  • replace bathroom floor
  • put a curtain in the window in the door (front entranceway)
  • clean the carpet on the stairs
  • touch up paint in entranceway
  • clean oven, stove, microwave, dishwasher
  • touch up cupboards with finish restorer
  • remove nails and fill holes in bathroom
  • paint two bedrooms

Any predictions on how much of that list we can accomplish by the 17th? We will only have the weekends to work since neither of us can really take days off for this project. So we have a busy week and a half coming up.


  1. Hey I think you can do it... you'll be wiped out but done. I am a list girl too and love seeing the items crossed out or checked... Have fun & Travel safe

  2. omigoodness! That is a huge list for just weekends. Wow. Yes, the list helps. Although I seem to have a problem making lists on scrap paper. I always lose them. I have to have a shiny new sheet. Dumb. Now I make lists in my iPhone notes and calendar. Good luck with your projects. Ariel is sure a cutie, of course, so is Crookshanks, but you know how it is about the kitten thing.

  3. good luck with your to-do list!..it doesn't seem to be too drastic..it will just be making the time to get it all done that will be the hard part..working for a living sure gets in the way of doing the 'other stuff'!

  4. you certainly do have a busy 11 days ahead of you. But all you can do is all you can do. Be sure o get some before and after photos.

  5. Put your heads down and boar ahead, if it isn't all done, by the showing, perhaps you can leave a list of the things you intend to get done next.

  6. I sure wish I come come over and help you. Do what you can, accomplish what you are able and cross your fingers that the buyer will like it.

    Good luck!

  7. Ditto the above..I am a list maker/crosser-offer too! Love the notes app on my Iphone for that. Anyway...wish we were close, George loves to do work like that, we would certainly help. My question is this, does the realtor feel that the cost of the improvements (floor, etc) help with the sale?

  8. You will be busy! What kind of finish restorer will you use? I have to do something with our kitchen cabinets and I haven't decided what or how yet.

  9. Good luck with the to-do list, I know you guys can do it! I'm just tired from reading it all!!