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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Returning Supplies

Today was another busy and quick day at work! They seem to be going that way lately. I am lucky – since I have to work anyway – that I have a place to work that I enjoy going to, for the most part.

Tonight when I got home we loaded up the car with the unused closet parts and headed to Home Depot. We had originally planned to just hang on to the pieces and use them to finish up the other closets in the house. That plan has changed now that we have to do some work in the condo. So we returned everything we had left, and got a credit on our card. Home Depot hasn’t lost any money, I’m sure! We will be spending what we returned, and more! Sarcastic smile

Tomorrow should hopefully be an exciting day. We will be meeting with the realtor at the condo. She is going to take a walk through the condo and let us know what she thinks we can get for it. Hopefully that number won’t be too much of a shock to our system!


  1. I hope she is realistic right up front. Sometimes they will give you a higher number just to get the listing, but if she is smart she will work extra hard for you so she can list your house down the road.

  2. good luck with the realtor!!!..we are sending good selling wishes your way so it sells quickly!!

  3. You will be in my thoughts as well. I hope you can sell it right away so that will be one more step taken and completed.