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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Condo Day

This morning was the typical “Wednesday day off – get stuff done around the house” day. Among other things, I made turkey pot pie for dinner like my grandmother used to when I was growing up, and it was delish!! I haven’t had this dish since my grandmother passed away – there was no real recipe. She was the kind of cook who just threw things together. While I don’t usually cook like that, today I decided to give it a try and yum, I was very happy with the results. (Harry liked it as well.)

This afternoon I picked Harry up at work and we went over to the condo. We did a little picking up, sweeping the floors etc. while we waited for the realtor to arrive. When she did, we went through all the rooms and she seemed to be impressed with some of the changes we had made. Unfortunately, that is not going to give us money in the bank. She was very realistic in explaining what we are up against. There are 6 other condos for sale in the same complex. (It is not that large.) So we have a lot of competition. They are priced all over the board. We really want to sell, so we went with her recommendation to list it for $119,900. At this price it is not the cheapest, but more than 10k under several of the others. So we are hoping it will get us a serious look. However,  the bad news is that my mortgage is only a couple thousand below that listing price, so we are going to end up paying out of pocket if we sell. We are resigned to that, but not happy about it.

JoAnn (the realtor) also gave us some ideas about some improvements to make (yeah, something new and different). Sarcastic smile So we will be getting hopefully most of those things accomplished over the next couple of weeks. I will post some before and after pictures when we get the work done.


  1. sometimes you have to look at the big picture..too bad about the pricing but maybe just selling it is the best thing..one less thing to worry about!!

  2. Good luck to you!! Next step is taken..woohoo. I hope you get some offers or at least some interest, quickly. My sales price is now below my mortgage balance :( No interest even at this sales price..*sigh*

  3. It's hard to take to have to pay for someone to buy the condo! But I think you knew that before talking to her.

    Can you deduct your expenses from here until the sale? At least that could soften this year's income taxes.

  4. My fingers are crossed for a quick sale for you. I am sorry you will be out of pocket for it though. That must be heartbreaking.

  5. I sure wish you good luck on finding a buyer...
    Have fun & Travel Safe