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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow, Snow Go Away

Oh, if it were only as easy as singing that child’s song…hmmm, except…I don’t really want it to come back another day. Sarcastic smile It’s still dark outside, so I can’t tell how much we have yet. Harry thought it looked like 3 or 4 inches on the front steps. At least we will get to work pretty easily, but coming home will be a more interesting trip I think! I have the news on right now and we are still in the 12 – 16 inch area. I just had a feeling this winter was going to go like this. I had said to Harry back in October that we were really due for a snowy winter. But I would have been ok with being wrong – really!! Surprised smile

Happily, we were able to get our evening’s work accomplished. We left our house around 5:30 or so for the condo. We cleaned the oven and dishwasher (or rather, set them to clean themselves), finished painting the master bedroom, and are almost finished with the second bedroom. We just have two walls that still need a second coat. Also, I was so excited to see the woodwork in the kitchen and bathroom. The polish I put on has “dried” sort of, so that now they don’t look so shiny – it really brought out the look of the wood. I did forget to bring the camera, so I will take some pictures when we go over there tomorrow night.

Everyone enjoy your day, and if you’re somewhere warm and sunny, soak in a little sunshine for all of us here in the frozen north!

PS. Harry just left for work, and said it’s more like 7 or 8 inches so far. I wish I liked to ski, or snowmobile, or….something….


  1. Oh and I thought it was cold when I woke this morning to 43' and sun shinning... Wish you were down here with us!!!
    Have a fun filled day & stay warm!

  2. drive safely today, Jessica!..try and stay warm..we had some snow last night but it is raining again..now it is just a big sloppy mess!

  3. I did get to work ok - there was at least 10 inches of snow on our road. I put it in second, and powered through. It is still snowing hard - it is supposed to stop this afternoon. I am sure Harry will have to snow blow before we can get into the driveway tonight. Don't you guys wish you were in upstate NY? LOL I wouldn't either!!

  4. It is not as bad here in Pa. We got about 4 inches and it has stopped now. The sunn is out. It looks like a winter wonderland out there. Ick!!!! I want to be a lizzard in my next life. Give me sun and a rock and I am there.

    Have fun in your condo. I am enjoying your pictures. It encourages me to get stuff done here.