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Friday, June 11, 2010

Ahhh Friday!

Another week over - I guess it's because of work that I define the week as beginning on Monday and ending on Friday. I really should say I have one more day since I work 5 hours on Saturday. But it seems to be programmed into me to think of a week as going from Monday to Friday. So if I follow that reasoning, I guess that Saturdays and Sundays are like random days that just float in between the work weeks. I wonder how my mind will react after we have retired and there is no more work to define each week!

I'm a little disappointed today in the weekend coming up. All week the weather guy has been saying that Saturday would be nice and showers would be coming in on Sunday. So this morning he starts talking about showers again, only now they're coming in Saturday morning!! :( There goes our bike ride, assuming that he is correct, of course. I would rather have it that he was right the first time. So now the agenda for the next two days goes back to the old standby of late - work around the house. That's the bright side anyway, because there certainly is enough to do around here. But I do hope we don't get into the weather pattern of being sloppy every weekend, and beautiful weather during the week. Every few years we seem to have a summer like that.

So - the agenda for this weekend. We hope to paint the upstairs bedroom. I am still working on the massive amount of "stuff" we have in the upstairs closet. Maybe if I am forced by the weather to stay inside, I will get that finished. Another thing I want to do is take a picture of a chair and hassock we are trying to give away, and get that listed on freecycle. And, if we get all that finished, we may start priming the upstairs hallway. So maybe its a good thing that we may be housebound. There certainly is enough to do!


  1. You go girl! Since we can't sell MY house for at least a year, the stuff we're trying to get rid of is George's that he moved in (with a little of MY stuff thrown in the mix). I tried to sell my house a year or so ago, before we thought of the RV thing..so it's basically ready to sell again anyway.
    We're getting away for the weekend..woohoo :)

  2. Getting away for the weekend sounds awesome! More "practicing"? ;)

  3. Right now, although I have been boxing up a lot of things and putting them in the garage for future disposal. Maybe you should empty the closet, put most of it in boxes, and store the sealed boxes. and that way you will have started getting rid of some stuff. If by the time you are ready to go you haven't needed any of it it will be really easy to dispose of!

  4. That's a good idea - I may be able to do that with some of it. What complicates my sorting a little bit is that my husband and I combined our households only 3 years ago, so there is still stuff around that is "his" and stuff that is "mine". I will definitely be getting back to it this weekend - maybe I will have pictures of an empty closet by Sunday! :)