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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Short Saturday

Why is it that days of the week always seem so much longer and seem to go by so much slower than days off?

First of all, I had work this morning which, I have to say, went by very quickly. It was one of those days when the phone was ringing, and lots of people were coming in, and before I knew it, it was one o'clock and we were locking the door. :) It was another half hour before I was actually heading home. Then after a quick lunch, I checked out the progress in the upstairs room. Harry did an awesome job with the first coat of paint! I really like the color and think the room is going to look great when it is all put together. That was about it for anything getting done today - anything off our to-do list anyway - I did do some shopping for groceries and we watched a movie from Netflix this evening (The Blind Side - what a great movie!) Definitely have to fit in at least a little relaxation on a Saturday! Unfortunately, we did not get our walk in. It had stopped raining a while ago, and we thought we were giong to have time to make a couple laps. We just got our sneakers on about 20 minutes ago, and stepped out the front door to find - RAINDROPS. :(  So now we are just hanging out for the rest of the evening. Hopefully tomorrow some sunshine will peek its way into our area! :)

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