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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Where Did Summer Go?

Our warm days of last week are only a memory today. After a rainy weekend, we are now experiencing some cooler air. Highs have been in the 70s, which is nice, but lows! They seem a little low for June. This is what we woke up to this morning. Up where my mother lives, which is not far from Lake Placid, there was a chance that temps would be in the high 30s this morning. Brrr.... although I haven't talked to her today, so I don't know if it actually got that cold. Our bedroom was a little....ummm...shall we say - brisk? this morning. :) I have to have fresh air in the bedroom to sleep. My husband does not have the same love of cool air that I do so he uses our down comforter pretty much all year round. :)

So, the plan for today....work first of course. ho hum.... and then tonight off to choose a paint color for the upstairs room that we are redoing. Once that is painted, we will paint the hallway and then Harry will put in a nice new laminate wood flooring.

Things are moving along! By this weekend, our nice summer weather is forecast to return. It will be welcomed back!! :)


  1. Hello Jessica. I'm your newest follower. It is good to read others who are going thru the process of fixing up a house and sorting thru "stuff" when their hear is out in a National Park somewhere!

    I'm busy today, but soon I hope to skim thru some of your earlier blog entries.

    Hope we will meet you someday in a wonderful RV park somewhere in the USA!

  2. Hi Merikay! Welcome!! :) Yes, we are in the fixing up and cleaning out mode right now too. I really identified with your most recent blog entry!! I have been feeling the same way.