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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cool Breezes

It was warm today, and pretty clear, but tonight the rain has moved in. Although the weather guy talked about high humidity with the storm systems coming through, right now the breeze coming in the window feels very refreshing. This is my 4th day in a row without being able to walk. I don’t like not being to get out there, because I don’t want to fall victim to the “couch potato syndrome.” I have had it before, and know it is too easy to develop! So I am hoping that tomorrow morning it will be clear enough so I can get out and get a little exercise. The other item on my agenda for tomorrow morning is baking! I haven’t made a cake in quite a while and tomorrow I will be putting together a Turtle Cake to bring to work – more on that to follow in the morning.

We got our truck back from the mechanic and it has a clear bill of health. The only thing needed were new brake pads on the rear brakes. So we are heading down the home stretch toward putting it on the market. So far in the past few months we have sold a snow blower, a pop-up, and a canoe. This is by far the biggest item on our “for sale” list for the year, as well as the most important. It will make the biggest contribution toward our new truck fund for this year. Our goal is to save enough money to pay for the new truck completely without doing any financing, and to hit this goal by the end of 2013, so basically every spare penny goes into this fund. I am hoping that our good luck with sales so far will continue for just one more item this year!

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