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Monday, June 21, 2010

Still Monday

It took me some time to wake up this morning – time, and a coconut iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts. :) I am happy to report that I do not have to bake a cake tonight as I expected. The “pot luck” lunch that was in the works for tomorrow has been backed up to Thursday, so that works out much better for me. Now I can bake my cake on my day off (Wednesday) instead of packing it into a few short hours this evening. Right now we have a box pizza cooking in the oven, so that is our not so fancy dinner for tonight.

Today Harry made an appointment for next week for us to get our truck detailed. We have a 2001 Ford F-150 XLT that we are going to put on the market. Whatever we make on it will go into our new truck fund. We are hoping to make at least somewhere between $9000 and $9500 for it. According to the NADA guide, it is worth $10,050.00, and it is definitely worth that much. It really is in great shape. Harry has taken really good care of it. He has never used it for plowing or any kind of heavy work like that. It only has a little over 60k miles on it. The only thing it was really used for was towing the pop-up that we sold about a month ago (and that was on once a year trips). So we figure that, since we don’t have the pop-up anymore, we are better off selling it now, plus we will also save the money that we are paying for the insurance currently. Anyway, Harry is not really disappointed about selling his truck – because he is already dreaming about and planning for the F-450 dually that we are saving for and planning to buy in a little over 3 years. :) All this planning is a lot of fun – and it will only get better once we actually start making them reality!!


  1. Every little step counts! If you can, you might try to put the same amount you are now paying for the insurance into the fund each month.

  2. That is definitely a possibility! We also both just took driver safety courses, so we are waiting to see how much our insurance goes down, between that and the truck being removed. Then if we have any money left in that account after tax time, it would be more to go toward the truck. :)