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Sunday, June 13, 2010

End of the Weekend

Today was good - went by too quickly, of course! Had a nice farewell/good luck dinner for Andrew who will be heading off to Michigan to begin a new job with GE in two weeks. He is leaving our house tomorrow, but we won't be seeing him again before he leaves to start his employment. So our dinner was very nice - Harry barbequed our steak outside in the rain. He specializes in cooking in both rain and snow - its an ongoing joke that if we want it to rain, we should plan on cooking on the grill. We also had corn on the cob, macaroni salad, and tomato and cucumber slices. The vegetables aren't quite up to summer quality yet, but they're getting there. It will probably be a few weeks yet before people start setting up roadside vegetable stands with veggies straight from the garden.

There are all kinds of RVers on the road these days. It's been amazing how many fifth wheels we see when we are out running errands or whatever. When we were coming home from church this morning, we probably saw 7 - 10 fifth wheels on the road. It's interesting to me that we notice them now. Before we started doing all this research and planning, I'm sure there were many RVs on the roads then too, but I don't remember really noticing them. And now, when I see a fifth wheel or a Class A drive by, I think about the people driving them. Where are they from? Where are they going? And how great it will be when we can join them on the road!

Well, tomorrow is my longest day, and my least favorite - 9.5 hours long. :( Once I get past Monday, the rest of the week goes so much better. And tomorrow is going to be even longer than usual, because we have a church meeting in the evening. I may not be able to write again 'til Tuesday - so until then....safe travels!

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  1. I never noticed the RVs as much before either. Now I look at the size , the toads, and the drivers. 'm usually on the road at off hour times when the RVs are more likely driving too.