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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Great Day Off

So, today turned out to be a great day off, with lots of productivity. :) I drove Harry to work bright and early this morning at 7:15, and that just seemed to get me off to a good start for the rest of the day. I came back home and started my first load of laundry. While that was washing, I went out and got my walk in while it was still dry! I was so excited to be able to walk before the rain returned. Another 45 minutes in! So then I came back to the house, cleaned up and did a variety of other odds and ends, including another two loads of laundry and YES, I finally got in and sorted out the closet. :) Haha - while in there, I actually found a box of Xmas decorations that was overlooked when we put the rest back in the crawl space back in January. I also relaxed a bit for part of the day too, so I think it was a nice, balanced day off. A little before 4 pm, I drove back to Albany to pick Harry up from work, and then we met a friend for dinner at our favorite Chinese buffet in town. So it was a really good day...nothing too exciting but very enjoyable nonetheless. :)


  1. It was a great dinner thanks

  2. Hey you found it! I forgot to send you the address again. :) Yes, it was fun.