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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dreary Sunday afternoon

Today so far has been a pretty productive day, but as I expected, nothing too earth-shattering is happening in our little corner of the world. After church, we came home and had a sandwich for lunch. It has been drizzling on and off all day, not really raining, just enough to make the air feel very sticky. After lunch, I made the macaroni salad that we are going to have with our steak tonight for dinner, and then took a quick run to the store for some needed items. Harry is upstairs edging the guest room, preparing it for the second coat of paint. He is almost done. The second coat will be going on another day.

Oh, we did make a quick online purchase after lunch. One thing about credit cards and the internet, it doesn't take any time at all to spend a quick 800 bucks. We have been thinking about purchasing another computer for a while. We were putting it off for a bit, but have now decided not to wait any longer. Harry and I are both heavily into research mode right now as far as full-timing goes, but our interests go in very different directions. I am very much into reading blogs and researching campgrounds. Every once in a while someone mentions a product that they find useful in the fulltiming life, and I will look it up and stick it in my "rv products" folder. But for the most part, reading about the life and different destinations around the country is definitely what holds my attention the most. Harry on the other hand, is very much into the practical, how does it work, what tools do I need, what maintenance will be required type of stuff. The other day I was called into the computer room to see a video demonstration of this great sewer hose that will probably be a great product to have when we get on the road. Ummm, yeah....between you and me, I'm really more interested in whether people use a crock pot more than the oven....  ;o) ... but anyway, so we have been finding it a challenge to research and read about the stuff that we each find interesting when we only have one computer. And I have to admit that I am the one who is on it much more than Harry is, which I feel bad about. So when he started looking at computers online yesterday to see what kind he would like, I said, hey there's no time like the present - let's go ahead and get it. So hopefully in the next couple days, we will be a two computer family. (The cats are out of luck!!)


  1. We have two computers and it is nice to be able to go online when he is also doing something. But I have asked for a laptop for Christmas. I never ask for anything that big, but I really want a laptop so I can read blogs etc. when I am sitting in front of the fire on winter evenings, or have it open with a recipe up on the counter while cooking. I'm trying to be more paperless.

    This would be the first time a computer was "MINE."

  2. Yeah, laptops are great. The computer that we already have is a laptop and that is what Harry just ordered as well.