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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quiet Tuesday

Not too much to report and/or write about this morning. Looks like some rain may be coming in today for a couple of days. I am hoping it will be sporadic so we can still walk tonight.

We took the truck in last night to our local mechanic just to have it checked out, especially the brakes, before we put it on the market next week. Just last year we had to have a new starter put in, so that will be a benefit for whoever ends up buying it. The only thing we want to do with the truck now is bring a tv that doesn't work to dispose of it. I listed it on freecycle hoping that someone might want it for parts, but I haven't had any takers. So I guess we will have to just get rid of it, even though that wasn't my first choice. We have a few more items in the garage to get rid of, I hope to get some pictures taken this weekend so I can get them listed on freecycle.

So guess it's time to get started on Tuesday...hopefully we will get good news today about the truck.

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