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Monday, June 7, 2010

Back to Work

Monday again! Not my favorite day! It always takes me about half of the day to get back into the swing of things. I open on Monday, which means I leave the house usually before I have had time to drink my second cup of coffee. So...not much more to say about that - just glad its over for another week!

Then when I got home, we had a very profitable evening, which means another "thing" out of our garage. We wanted to sell a snow blower that we had. We have a newer, bigger model which should easily take us through the next 7 winters, but we wanted to get rid of the older one. For a while I thought my mother would take it, but she decided last week that she didn't want it after all. So....about two months ago, I had an email from someone who was interested in it from craigslist. I told the guy that I thought it was taken. After I found out my mom didn't want it, I emailed the person back. He was still interested and came to look at it tonight, and, lo and behold, he bought it!!! Yay!! How many snow blowers normally are sold in June, I wonder!! I'm just glad this one was. The truck is next - in about 2 weeks we are going to have it detailed, and then list it for sale. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that our good luck holds for another sale!

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