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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What a Beautiful Day!

Sometimes the auto-save function on blogger is good, and tonight it wasn't so good. Somehow I erased a whole paragraph, and before I could go to the edit post function to get my post back, it had already saved my new blank page. Whoops....

So, anyway, what I was starting to write about is evident by the title of today's entry. What an absolutely gorgeous day it was today! For most of it, I was at work, but still, the sunshine coming in the windows was so pleasant. I guess the best thing about a stretch of rainy, dreary days is that the sun and blue skies afterwards is such a welcome change and so appreciated! The pictures accompanying today's entry are from my evening walk tonight. This is my neighborhood...

A rabbit out enjoying the nice weather...

and isn't the blue sky so lovely?

This is my neighborhood. It is a very quiet street and I can walk around the development in about 10 minutes, so I did four laps tonight.And here is the end of my trip...my house... The garage doors and front door are still white, but painting them hunter green is another thing on our to-do list...maybe this summer or next.

And one more new thing for today...here is Harry playing with his new "toy" - yes, the new computer came already. He is a happy camper. :)


  1. I bet Harry is sooo excited to have a new computer! I really like your house, it's nice, and you must love to have a great place to walk every night.


  2. Thank you - I like our house, and the neighborhood is very quiet - it's a great place! And yes, Harry spent several hours last night on his new computer - he is having a good time with it. :)