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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hot and Muggy

The weather, both yesterday’s and so far today, is very sticky. I don’t know if the hot temperatures would be quite so bad if it weren’t so humid. I guess we are supposed to have some showers coming in later this morning, so I should be able to get my walk in this morning before I head to work at 10 am. I was very pleased yesterday – after a sluggish start to the week with no exercise either on Monday or Tuesday, I walked 45 minutes yesterday morning, and then last night Harry and I did another 20 minutes. So that was great. It is so much harder to find the time on Monday and Tuesday, so I’m thinking of maybe just making those my “off” days – my weekend from exercising! :) Then Wednesday – Sunday will be my days to make sure I get my rear end off the couch and do something! So far, if the weather man is to be believed, we have a beautiful weekend ahead of us. YAY!! Another bike ride may finally be on the horizon!

Anyway, after my walk this morning, I will head to work. It will be interesting to see how many people remember to bring something in for this pot luck lunch. Oh, well, if there’s nothing else, at least we have Turtle Cake! haha


  1. I remember the humidity in the summer in Wisconsin. When we moved to Texas, it was much hotter, but quite dry. California is best. At least where we are now. Not too hot most of the time, with low to moderate humidity. Doesn't rain from May to October most years.

    Earthquakes, and fires are our concerns!

  2. Well, if I had to choose - I guess I would take humidity over fires and earthquakes! It will be interesting when we start traveling to see what weather is like in other parts of the country - I've never lived anywhere else but here.