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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One Year Ago

I didn't really forget this, but I was so busy writing about our bike trip yesterday that I forgot to mention what today is!! One year ago today, Harry and I were married on a beach in Key West. It was a very simple ceremony, but I thought it was the best! :) We, and several members of our families, took a Carnival Cruise out of Fort Lauderdale that left May 31st, 2009. The first port of call was in Key West. At around 9 am, we left the ship and walked a short distance to the Key West Hyatt, where we were married. Then we had a breakfast there afterwards. After all the pictures were taken, we spent the rest of the day walking around the shops in Key West, and sampling some of the great food and drink available there. It was such a wonderful day!!

This picture shows the great day we had. The weather was perfect! The ocean is in the background. I am looking a little serious at the moment because I am watching my mom read a Bible passage while she tries not to cry! :) My sister is in the foreground holding my niece, and my brother is in the left of the picture with the camera. Behind Harry is his brother-in-law, Dave, who was his best man.


  1. Too cool! George and I are engaged and plan on getting married and going off in the motorhome as our 'honeymoon'. Of course it will be the rest of our life honeymoon..haha.


  2. That sounds pretty nice too! Have you guys set a date? :)

  3. No date yet. Definitely sometime 2012. George 'can' retire 7/14/12 when he turns 60. That's our target date to hit the road, but as everyone knows that may not happen exactly that date :)

  4. That is so awesome! Harry plans to retire by August 2018 at the latest. That will be when he hits the maximum number of years they will give credit for in his pension. But anytime after 2015, if they give an incentive for early retirement, we will be in the position where we can go for it if the incentive is a good deal.