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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cooling Off

Today was a good day. After a leisurely morning and late breakfast, we headed off to church service at 11 am. It started as a rainy day, and then after church, on the way home, we drove into a heavy rain storm on the way home. We hoped that the rain wasn't coming in the windows that we had left open on the second floor. We were lucky and there were only a few drops of rain on a couple of the window sills. After having a sandwich for lunch, we got back to some work upstairs, Harry giving the ceiling in the guest room a second coat of paint, and I cleaned out a bedside stand and went through some more clothes. I added some more clothes to the Good Will pile. After a few hours of cleaning and painting, we called it a day, and decided to do some relaxing. During the afternoon, some more storms came through and now, at a little after 8, it is 61 degrees here. Evenings like this remind me of fall. :( The coming week, highs should be in the 70s, so the week should be a nice one. Right now the weather next weekend looks nice - maybe another bike ride coming up soon!


  1. We did some full time practicing this weekend. See our blog from yesterday (Saturday). Wasn't the weather glorious? We had that storm also, was crazy! Tornado warnings and everything..woohoo..


  2. That is so cool! I am so looking forward to the time when we can do some practicing too. What is your blog address? I'm not sure if I've seen yours yet.

  3. Haha! I just figured out if I clicked on your name, it brings me to your profile! LOL Still learning this blogging stuff! :) I have your blog address now.