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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Relaxing With a Friend

Yesterday afternoon was quite nice. The only unfortunate part about the day is that the rain only held off for the morning, when I was otherwise occupied, and by the time I finished my second appointment, it had arrived. It rained for the rest of the day. So...no walk for me. :( I haven't walked now since Monday - what a bummer. And today is supposed to be another rainy day, so I guess I will have to make up for my week's exercise tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday.

But other than the weather, it was a nice day. My "old" friend, Rose, arrived a little before 3 pm, and we spent some time catching up. (She had the reaction to the label "old friend" that I expected!!) It was good to have a chance to chat. Harry got home from work around 5, and then we enjoyed some chili and watched the movie "Avatar." I have seen it several times now, but it was Rose's first time. I love that movie!!

I showed Rose the color for the upstairs room that we are painting, and she approved. Always nice to get another opinion. So one thing that we did get done during the afternoon was to head over to Home Depot to buy two gallons of paint for the job. So now we are ready to paint. Maybe we will finish that room this weekend. Then I will have some before and after pictures to show!

Today....ummm...yes, you guessed it - back to work....


  1. I'm glad I have a treadmill in the house. Walking is the best exercise. I've set a goal that if I can average 2 miles a day, I will have walked 1000 miles by the time we are ready to go. I want to be in shape to walk in the National parks!

  2. We have an elliptical, but I don't really use it that much. Right now we are just doing stuff outside - walking and biking. This winter I think we are going to join a local gym, so that we will be able to continue our exercise all year. We also are looking forward to walking and biking when we get out on the road.

  3. hey "Old Friend"!!! It was a great night...