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Monday, June 28, 2010

Muggy Monday

First of all, I welcome our new readers – Phyllis and Ira and Vicky. I’m glad you have joined us. :)

Well, Monday evening has arrived. The day was hot and muggy, and it was actually the kind of day where it is good to be inside an air-conditioned environment for at least part of the day. The weather guy just said that the current humidity is 69% – that is pretty humid! I’m glad to be home, though, even though it is sticky out. We have the floor fan going in the living room and the window fans are on in our bedroom. I love window fans – I think they are the best invention ever! A delicious yet easy meal of hot dogs on the grill is on the menu for tonight – Harry actually just headed out to barbeque our meal. You can tell by the way my thought process is jumping from one thing to another that there’s not too much to talk about tonight, so I will sign off for now. Until next time… :)

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