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Monday, June 14, 2010

A Fast Monday

This day went by so quickly!! That is not so welcome on a weekend, but on a Monday? That is just fine by me. I left my house for work this morning at 7:15. I had time to swing round by Dunkin Donuts for a coconut iced coffee :) so that was very nice. From open until 8:30, the building is closed, but at 8:30 when the door was unlocked...we were off and running! It was SO busy! I barely had time to make it through my pile of left-over work from Saturday, and by the end of the day, I had a new one to go through tomorrow. I can't say I really mind when it's busy though, because I really hardly noticed the time all day.

So then after work, it was home to a quick meal of left-overs, and then off to church for a finance meeting. And now work and meetings are over, and I am home - time now to check on blogs and see what is going on in everyone's life today! Harry is very excited because his computer shipped today. I am hoping that it will come on Wednesday, as that is my day off and I will be here when it is delivered.

I am still waiting to see some sunshine! Maybe tomorrow!! :)

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