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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Better Day

Yesterday was a much nicer day! Of course, it always helps to have the day off. How can you have a bad day off? :) So that was good. I spent much of the day doing an online DMV safety course to lower our insurance premiums. It was a six hour course, and I had done maybe 40 minutes of it before yesterday. They only allow 30 days to complete it, and I had 17 days left, so I figured the day off was a good day to get it done. So after a short walk in the morning, I plunked myself down in front of the computer, and spent from 8:10 until 1:30 reading all these screens about driving defensively. The course has a 6 hour requirement, so each screen is timed, and you can't click to go to the next screen until your time is up. While it wasn't exactly the most fun day off I've ever had, I felt such a sense of accomplishment when I finished it! :) After that, it was off to BJs to do the shopping we didn't have time to do the night before. Then, after Harry came home from work, we ended the day at a nice restaurant called Chez Mike. The name doesn't conjure up the vision of a very elegant restaurant for me, but it really was very nice. They also had a very good bartender - I had a drink called a Blackberry Lemonade, which was delish. And our dinners were great. So it was a wonderful 1st Anniversary dinner. Then after another short walk after we got home to hopefully walk some of that great dinner off, I called it a day!

Today, it's back to work. Can't have every day off, I guess. Well, not yet - those days will come! :)

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