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Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Rainy Sunday

So far, sunshine is nowhere to be found. I didn't see the weather forecast yesterday, so I'm not sure whether it improved any from yesterday morning. I would be very happy if it clears enough to get a walk in, as we have already decided that we will not be going for a bike ride. We will be out of town next weekend, so it looks like the next bike ride may have to wait until the last weekend of the month.

Today's agenda is not too exciting. This morning we will probably just be doing some Sunday morning relaxing. We leave for church in a little over an hour, so no point in trying to cram something in before that. This afternoon I have major laundry to do! I have been putting it off for several days, so I probably have at least 3 loads waiting in the hamper. (The hamper is really not that big, so how we manage to cram that much into it, I'm not sure...) We stayed up late last night watching a movie, and woke up at our normal 5:30 :( so at some point this afternoon, my bed will probably call my name for a nice afternoon nap. So, like I said, nothing exciting. The highlight of the day will be our dinner. My stepson has been staying with us for a couple weeks and leaves tomorrow, so we are going to have steak cooked on the barbeque, corn on the cob, salad - yum....nice summer dinner, even though you can't tell it by the weather we're having. I sure do hope our nice sunny summer arrives soon - it is already too short!

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