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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Clearing Up

So far this morning it is a little cloudy, but I think the sun is supposed to come out at some point today. From the appearance of the driveway and road outside, it seems to be drying up, so I am hoping that I can get my walk in this morning before I go to work. I like my mornings on Thursdays and Fridays, because I don't go in to work until 10 am, but since I don't get home until after 6, it makes the evening very short.

I've mentioned a couple times about "getting my walk in." My favorite type of exercise is biking, but just because of timing we're not able to get out there on our bikes as often as we'd like. Prior to this summer, we'd both gone through an extended period of, hmmm, shall I say, inactivity? We would talk about going for a hike or taking a bike ride, but the normal everyday, just getting our bodies off the couch to do something, often didn't happen. When we got home from work, we'd make some supper and watch some tv...so we'd go from sitting at our desks at our offices to sitting on our couch in our living room. And I could definitely tell that I was seriously out of shape. So this year when the warm weather started returning, we made a conscious decision to make some sort of physical activity a norm in our weekly lives rather than an exception. I tried to come up with a goal that I thought was realistic, but yet not so little that it didn't make any kind of difference in our lives. The number that I settled on was 150 minutes of exercise a week. I came up with this number by using 30 minutes 5 times a week as a guide. I thought that was something that I would be able to accomplish. And so far, its been pretty good. I had two or three weeks when life was just so crazy I couldn't even find that amount of time, but for the most part, I have gotten close to or above that number most weeks. (As an added incentive, my sister and I incorporated that number into an exercise contest, so that keeps us thinking about it.) Now, Harry and I are already thinking about how we are going to continue this new priority in a few months when the weather starts getting COLD!!

This is something that both Harry and I are both looking forward to in a fulltiming lifestyle. We want to use our bikes to get around our local area (wherever that might be!) as much as possible. We are looking forward to being able to continue our daily walks outside year round without having to think about snow and ice and freezing temperatures. But until then we will have to continue to work with what we have! :)

So, have a great day! I'm off for my walk now....


  1. We have a lot in common :)

    George and I made a pact to start walking every night when the weather got better. We did until we realized that where we live is not a good place to walk most days. Lots of 'bad stuff' here :)
    We both said, if we have to *drive* to walk, forget it. I was walking the mall by where I work every day, but that got old fast too.

    Now we're looking at bikes as well. Do you have a recommendation? We want bikes that are comfortable to ride, but will stow in the RV someday.

    We both say that we'll get more exercise time when we full time than we come close to now :)

    Thanks in advance :)

  2. Hi Laurie! I am lucky in that at least I have a nice neighborhood to walk in, but I really don't enjoy walking so much. Harry and I are thinking of going to Planet Fitness for the cold months, but that will be a challenge - hopefully we will discipline ourselves enough to get there on a regular basis!! :) As far as bikes, I've only had a couple - the one I have now is a hand-me-down from my mom, who bikes A LOT. Both Harry and I have hybrid bikes, which are a mixture of features from a mountain bike and a road/touring bike. I like it a lot. The one I have is from Ross, but I looked them up and I'm not sure that they're still in business. But I would definitely recommend the hybrid style bike. As far as traveling with it, we have a bike rack that attaches to the hitch receiver, so we will attach that right to the back of our fifth wheel when we are on the road.

  3. Jessica:
    Thanks for your response on the bike thing. I'll definitely look into the hybrid. We're hoping to make enough from this first yard sale to buy a Sea Eagle, and if a little more, look at bikes :)