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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Appointments Over - Now for the Day Off :)

So appointments are over for the day - doctor's and eye appointments. It got me thinking on the way home about how it will be convenient to have these normal appointments on a summer schedule for when we start our traveling life. I know some fulltimers just stop having a regular primary physician, but we're not going to do it that way. I know that there might be a time when we have to go elsewhere if something comes up unexpectedly, like an ear infection or whatever. But for the main check-up and updates, I like the comfort of having the same ol' person who's been checking me out for the past years, and not having to start over. Maybe someday we will have to make that move. At some point, we do think we will choose to settle down again in one main area, and then it may make sense to switch primary physicians. Settling down somewhere is our plan at this time anyway - who knows how we will feel once we really get going? I have read on RV boards and threads that it's important to have an exit strategy. Ours isn't terribly firm - when we get tired of traveling, we will probably buy a condo in some place that we find in our travels, in a warmer climate, of course, and use the fifth wheel for shorter trips - like a month or two at a time.. :) That's as much of an exit plan as we have right now! Based on what we've read in our research so far, we expect that we will continue to be able to put some money aside as we are traveling, so we hope to have a nice little nest egg to accomplish this plan! Time will tell....


  1. think we are planning on two years and then decide what's next. I'm sure we will be looking as we go to find a place to resettle because we don't have any family here and my husband doesn't care for Southern California where our daughter lives.

    I have been looking at or possessions and trying to decide what we will put in storage and what we will get rid of. I'm basing the value on two year storage costs.

    I don't think we will want to be on the road for the rest of our lives.

  2. Right now we're thinking that we will travel for maybe 10 years before we settle back down. But I guess we won't really know until we get out there and settle in to the life. It's really hard to know now what we will feel like then.