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Sunday, June 27, 2010

More Cleaning Out

First of all, welcome to our newest follower – Nellie from Diary of a Midlife Cruiser. I have had so many laughs reading your blog! I am glad you have joined us for the ride. :)

Today has turned out to be a good day, and productive. It was supposed to get pretty muggy this afternoon, and then there was another chance of showers, so while it was relatively nice, Harry and I walked for 4 laps (45 minutes). I felt very good that we got out there for some exercise.

We had a late breakfast this morning, around 10 o’clock, so when we got back from our walk at 11:30, we were nowhere near ready to have anything to eat yet. So we decided to go back outside and tackle the mess in our garage.


Here you can see some of Harry’s tools on the shelves temporarily. We decided not to put any of the covering on it yet as we are using them to sort while we clean out. There used to be bags of old clothes and rags etc over in the corner by the door – those are now waiting to be thrown out. We try to give anything that is still useable to the clothing collection box, but nothing in these bags is in any condition to be worn again, so out it goes. We were previously keeping them in case we ever need scrap cloth. Hmmm, yeah right….

Next to the new shelves is a small refrigerator that we used to keep extra drinks in, especially during the summer time. We haven’t been doing that for at least a year now so it’s getting higher on my list of things to get rid of….pretty soon!



This is a close-up view of the items behind that wagon with children’s toys in it. This whole entire pile will be going as we complete the renovations inside the house. This is the new flooring for both the downstairs and upstairs guest bedrooms and the new vanity and mirror for the upstairs bathroom. All of this work is on our to-do list for this summer, so this pile should be moved inside soon.

The stuff inside this recycling bin is the main thing that I got accomplished this afternoon – you may recall those gray metal shelves that used to be standing next to the steps where the new shelves are? It took me almost 2 hours to take all the screws out and get these shelves completely taken apart!



And here is Harry showing off his major accomplishment for the afternoon – yes, there really was a workbench under all that mess!!


Now it is time for the rest of Sunday…it is clouding up again, and looking like rain, and we are going to enjoy left-over Chinese for our late lunch/early dinner and relax!!! :)


  1. Step by step, do something every week and the house will be in prime condition when you are ready to go.

    But in the mean time, enjoy the improvements for yourselves!

  2. Great looking shelves, Harry!! Here's hoping they stay barren :) I suggest you put out a sign that says FREE STUFF, then open your garage. Dang wish I'd thought of that before we started our move! Why do all the brilliant ideas come AFTER the fact?

  3. Oh, and Jessica, I suggest you stock your RV up with ingredients for your turtle cake just in case we ever meet on the road!


  4. LOL - sure, I'll keep them in a special container just for that occasion! ;)